ETF Type ETF Name
Cathay FTSE Chinese Policy Bank Bond 5+ Years ETF (Stock Code:00744B)
Fund Highlights

Influx of foreign capital has created new opportunities

China's bond market has grown rapidly, attracting almost 500 billion USD in foreign investment.

Reliable A+ rating supporting bank bonds

China's policy bank bonds have excelled thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the support of three banks rated A+ by S&P.

Portfolio Information
SITCA Category Fixed Income ETF
Inception Date 2018/07/25 Listing Date 2018/08/03
Custodian Bank Hua Nan Commercial Bank Portfolio Manager Jessie Yu
Management Fee NAV ≤ 3 billion: 0.40%; NAV between 3~6 billion (inclusive): 0.30%; NAV > 6 billion: 0.27% Custodian Fee NAV ≤ 3 billion: 0.15%; NAV > 3 billion: 0.12%
Stock Code 00744B
Underlying Index FTSE Chinese Policy Bank Bond 5+ Years Index
Board lot 1,000 beneficiary units
Bid/ask spread NTD 0.01 if the price of the unit is below NTD 50, NTD 0.05 if the price of the unit is above NTD 50
Change(%) The daily price up/down is not limited
Margin Trading Trades on credit are allowed on and after the listing day on NTD counter, no short selling limits; trades on credit are not allowed on USD counter
Trading tax 0
Commission Varies by broker but no higher than 0.1425% of the consideration
Types of creation Cash(NTD)
Creation Unit / Redemption Unit 500,000 units (NTD) per board lot
Creation / Redemption Fees No higher than 1%