Cathay S&P 500 Low Volatility High Dividend ETF
Historical Index
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The reference indicative index of Cathay FTSE China A50 Daily leveraged 2X ETF and Cathay FTSE China A50 Daily Inversed ETF are calculated by Cathay SITE and refreshes once every 15 seconds, such information is NOT provided by the Index provider. The reference indicative index calculation: Indicative (leveraged & inverse) index (t) = Indicative (leveraged & inverse) index (t-1) *[ 1 + L * ( FTSE China A50 index (t) / FTSE China A50 Index (t-1) )-1] ; t: current market index value; L= +2 (2X leveraged), -1(-1X inverse).


The Index calculation: FTSE Japan (leveraged & inverse) index (t) = FTSE Japan (leveraged & inverse) index (t-1) *[ 1 + L * ( FTSE Japan index (t) / FTSE Japan Index (t-1) )-1] ; t: current market index value; L= +2 (2X leveraged), -1(-1X inverse).