ETF Type ETF Name
Cathay FTSE China A50 ETF (Stock Code:00636 / 00636K)
Fund Highlights

Holding the 50 largest stocks on China’s onshore equity market

Tracking FTSE China A50 Index, investing the most representative 50 stocks in A share, and diversifying investments to the leaders of each industry are the keys to seize the dividend directly from China policy.

Cross-market arbitrage

More than half the world's A share ETF track the FTSE China A50 Index as the underlying. Many financial products with the same underlying is favorable to make different trading strategies in the market.

Portfolio Information
SITCA Category Off-shore ETF
Inception Date 2015/03/20 Listing Date 2015/04/01
Custodian Bank CTBC Bank Portfolio Manager Jimmy Yu
Management Fee NAV ≤ 10 billion: 0.95%; NAV between 10~15 billion (inclusive): 0.85%; NAV between 15~20 billion (inclusive): 0.75%; NAV > 20 billion: 0.65% Custodian Fee 0.10%
Stock Code 00636(NTD)
Underlying Index FTSE China A50 Index
Board lot 1,000 beneficiary units (NTD), 100 beneficiary units (USD)
Bid/ask spread NTD 0.01 if the price of the unit is below NTD 50, NTD 0.05 if the price of the unit is above NTD 50
Change(%) The daily price up/down is not limited
Margin Trading Trades on credit are allowed on and after the listing day on NTD counter, no short selling limits; trades on credit are not allowed on USD counter (margin trading and intra-day trading are not allowed)
Trading tax 1‰
Commission Varies by broker but no higher than 0.1425% of the consideration
Types of creation Cash(NTD)
Creation Unit / Redemption Unit 500,000 units (NTD) per board lot
Creation / Redemption Fees No higher than 2%