ETF Type ETF Name
Cathay TIP TAIEX+ Low Volatility Dividend Plus Select 30 ETF (Stock Code:00701)
Fund Highlights

Excellent Offence & Reliable Defense

Has a tendency to rise alongside the rising market while staying shockproof during the falling market.

High dividend, high reliability

According to statistics, S&P500 LVHD and TAIEX+30LVHD have higher dividends than that of its original index.

Prioritize high stability

Smart Beta LVHD index, risk resistant and outperforms its original index, is the prime choice for long term investment.

Portfolio Information
SITCA Category On-shore ETF
Inception Date 2017/08/09 Listing Date 2017/08/17
Custodian Bank E.SUN Commercial Bank Portfolio Manager Jason Su
Management Fee 0.30% Custodian Fee 0.035%
Stock Code 00701
Underlying Index TIP TAIEX+ Low Volatility Dividend Plus Select 30 Index
Board lot 1,000 beneficiary units
Bid/ask spread 1,000 beneficiary units
Change(%) 10%
Margin Trading Trades on credit are allowed on and after the listing day. No short selling limits.
Trading tax 1‰
Commission Varies by broker but no higher than 1.425‰ of the consideration
Types of creation Cash(NTD)
Creation Unit / Redemption Unit 500,000 units per board lot.
Creation / Redemption Fees No higher than 2%